Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Fun!

Here are just a few pictures of what we have been up to this summer! 

We are loving our new covered patio area! Ava and J.Riley are really into we have been trying to do plenty while staying home this summer! Here are my little artists water color painting and watching a thunderstorm pass through!

I have been trying to cover a "letter" of the alphabet a week this summer. This usually just includes a few crafts or activities and always a baking project. We happen to be talking about the "B" on this particular week. Here is J.Riley eating the frozen chocolate covered Bananas that we had made...and driving his this legal??

Playing in the rain is always so much fun!

A letter 'C" project. He did such a great job! Can you tell what it is?

Playing in shaving cream! What Mom? 

Practicing writing our letters in shaving cream.

Letter A.

Each year our friend the Hixons have a great "Yard Party" to kick off summer. They have so many great things for the kids to do including a giant slide! Lots of great food and and friends! This year Brent was in Charleston on a "guys" trip so I took the kids. They had a great time! I think we all slept in the next morning as well! Happy Momma!

Ladder Ball anyone?
Ava going down the slide!

Go Yankees!??

J.Riley played tball for the first time this year. He had a great time! It was definitely a great social experience for him as well as learning to be a team player. We did not make it through the season without constant whining about not getting the ball, being "sweaty hot", running the wrong way on the base path! I am not sure who had more fun me or him?

The team at the end of the season swim party
J.Riley receiving his trophy from Coach Maverick
Buds Jackson and J.Riley
So Fast!
Luke and J.Riley..what else is there to do besides play in the dirt?