Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What else??

I think part of my lack of blogging these days has something to with the fact that I think anyone who took the time to read our blog would be totally BORED out of their minds! I have decided to put that thought aside and just do it. Do it for my kids so that they have something to look back at. More like a scrapbook for them. So as boring as you might think it is, this blog is going to be the ins and outs of a our days.

Since a BIG part of my life seems to be feeding my family I thought I would start with our menu for the week. No, I will not post our menu every week. But it is something that I work very hard on. Making the menu, making the list, going to the store, and then cooking the meal... and praying it tastes edible! So something worth blogging about?? I think so!

Mon.- Pan seared tilapia with a blueberry/blue cheese spinach salad
Tue.-Beef Fajitas, guacamole and chips and Spanish rice
Wed.- Date night (kid food)
Thur.-Steak shish kabobs with baked potatoes
Fri.- Pesto pork tenderloin, grilled asparagus and squash
Sat. Papa Murphys Pizza and salad

The weather is going to be gorgeous grilling weather this week!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Hello Blog...my name is Aimee

Ok I have no excuses..and I am not going to even try and catch up. I am going to promise to never go this long again without documenting our life! Here are a few pictures to catch you up with, without going into drastic details.