Monday, April 27, 2009

April Events

I am so behind!! That being said, I am loving this gorgeous weather and we definitely take every chance we can to get out and enjoy it! We have been to the park many times. Last night we even got to have dinner at the park with Daddy! We have been to a few t-ball practices..hilarious to say the least! I was telling Brent.."do you remember when we brought him home from the hospital and all he did was cry and I said "I just want him to be like 4 and can't wait for him to be able to play t-ball" in between sobs myself? WELL he is still crying..BUT watching him play brings such joy to my heart! Playing ball was such a big part of mine and Brent's childhood. We are still just practicing, but no doubt we will be crushing all of our opponents. just a little friendly competition right? Oh and by the way..He is on the "Yankees" but we told coach we would compromise...yankee jersey but he will be wearing his RedSox hat.

Some other things going on, we got Ava in pigtails for the first time, Mommy and Daddy Breakfast at Preschool, Bays Mountain with M2O, Dollywood with Nana, Grampy and Great Grammy. Lots of spring fun going on! 

J.Riley at the Mommy Breakfast at school, could not wait to eat biscuits and gravy!

Us at Bays Mountain

Such a BIG girl with pigtails...she is not a baby anymore!

T-Ball practice..yes his Dad has taught him to bat lefty

getting ready to run


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Easter Blessings

There are seasons in life, great highs and great lows, but all so sovereignly given. Lately I find myself so aware of the blessings in my life. My husband, my children, friends and family....daily provisions, and today for Easter Egg hunts. For the pure hearts in children that remind us of a Saviors love. And the sweetness of the celebration!

Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny did make a stop at the Long house, He enjoyed a little snack outside our door before he came inside and left us two big baskets of treats! THANK YOU MR. EASTER BUNNY!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Well, I went back and fourth on weather or not we should die Easter eggs in the Long house. Ava is extremely allergic to eggs, and I just wasn't sure if we should take a chance. Well, J.Riley has been begging all week so I decided we would do it. So here are some pictures in between me keeping Ava alive and trying to keep the mess to a minimum. They had a great time! They are both are at such a fun age..I love doing these small cheesy things that they just think are the best things on earth. J.Riley has so curious about the Easter Bunny but also to our surprise wants to talk about the really meaning of Easter just as much. We have read the story of Jesus's resurrection several times this week and have been specifically talking about what it means to believe in God even though we can't see him. Try explaining that to a 3 year old who is constantly asking "WHY?"

mom: Jesus is in heaven
J.Riley: I want to go to heaven
Mom: If you belive jesus died on the cross for your sins then you will go to heaven
J.Riley: will you go with me mom?
Mom: Of course I will be there with you
J.Riley: Well Mom,.....How will we get home?

Friday, April 10, 2009

"A Day in the Life of"

Last night J.Riley had his spring performance at school. The theme was really cute. It was "A day in the life of" and they sang songs that they sing every week in school instead of learning something special for a show. J.Riley had a pretty huge audience. Mom, Dad, Ava Kate, Nona and Grampy, Nona and Great Grammy! Having Great Grammy there was really special. She got to see where he goes to school everyday and a little of what they do there! J.Riley is extra sensitive when Nona is around, he seems to just want to cling to her. So there were some tears shed on stage when he spotted her and could not get to her. Oh 3 year olds! Overall, he did a fantastic job! We are proud of you buddy!

Ava giving a good luck hug!
group shot
The grand finale
Mrs. Lisa's Five little Monkeys

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Girls Only!!

What a great weekend!! Brent being the wonderful husband and daddy that he is, let me away for an entire weekend with the girls! My friend (ADPi, ETSU) Meredith moved to the beautiful city Savannah, Ga. about a year ago. Four of us decided to make it a girls weekend and see where Mere calls home now. Cristi, MaryBeth, Jenny and I had such a great time. We shopped, ate, drank, ate pizza, watched movies, stayed up late and did I mention shop?! It felt so good to just be together again. I miss them so very much and it is fun to remember the past together and hear about what may be in the future..lots of babies!!!?? YAY!!! Can't wait until the next trip! LOVE YOU ALL!

Thank you love for giving me time to be Aimee instead of mommy. You did such a great job at taking care of our babies and keeping our house neat. I love you and I am looking forward to returning the favor soon!

Cocktails after a long afternoon of shopping
Yes, girls like beer and pizza too boys!
Me and Paula