Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rewind one more time!

OK, this is the last post I am going to post of previous days..from here on out we are moving on! This just doesn't happen here very often!

A few weeks ago we actually had snow it East Tennessee! YEAH!I mean it's pretty pitiful, but when you've gone without for so doesn't take much to get you excited! When I woke J.Riley Up that morning I pulled his blinds up and his face just lit up! 

J.Riley: "SNOW!"

Mommy: "Would you like to play in the snow today?"

J.Riley: " Mommy, can I eat breakfast later and play in the snow NOW?"

It was so much fun to watch him get so excited! J. Ri doesn't show excitement for to much these days. Daddy even stuck around to play with us for a little bit in the morning. We were thrilled to see that J.Riley actually enjoyed it..we might even get him on the slopes this winter...I know I am probably crazy.

Ava was not too thrilled about the cold but she loved watching from the window. 

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