Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

It's the beginning of a big week with Father's Day today and Brent's birthday on Wednesday. But it's been easy to devote a day of celebration to him and for him. We started the morning out at church, to celebrate our Heavenly Father's work in our life. Then headed to Earth Fare for lunch Daddy's favorite of course, followed by a relaxing few hours of fun at the pool. We then headed to Brent's parents house for dinner where Ava came down with a fever, hence me at home blogging and Daddy and J.Riley enjoying time on the lake :). What can I say, the guy works hard. At everything. In his career, as a husband, as a daddy, as a follower of Christ, as a brother, as a son, and as a friend. He's committed, selfless, and loving, and he is a man of the highest integrity. Sometimes I am even embarrassed because I am constantly wanting to cut corners and he challenges me to do it right. He's a far better person than me. And his life isn't easy right now. He works long hours at more than one job only to come home and work a few more hours helping me with the kids and doing a few things around the house. With a demanding profession and a never-ending flood of deadlines,not to mention constant family drama :), he still comes home to spend time with his family, even if it means heading to a meeting or computer work after the kids' bedtime, often until 2 am. The amazing thing is that he does it without complaining or moping. And I know it's because he loves us. That's a love to honor and celebrate!

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