Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Future Olympians

I think not! Ha! My sweet girl is finally old enough to participate in a sport that is dear to my heart. I remember the day she was born, day dreaming that she would be in love with Gymnastics throughout her child her just as I was. I grew up in the dance studio as well as in the gym. It was something that I was never amazingly talented at but that I loved to be a part of. I loved the feeling of working hard on a skill and finally perfecting it. I loved being a part of team of girls. I loved bouncing and flipping and showing off. Here is a list of the reasons both my children are enrolled in their very first gymnastics class! Both my kids are in love! They are doing so well. Even though I only have pictures of Ava, J.Riley is doing particularly well. He has mastered the cartwheel after just three classes!

10 Reasons to Get in the Gym

1) Develop coordination
2) Develop flexibility
3) Develop strength and power
4) Learn to listen and follow directions
5) Gain self-esteem and confidence
6) Social interaction with peers
7) Learn to set goals
8) Learn fundamentals of movement
9) Develop skills to enhance other sports
10) It’s FUN!!

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