Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Out of the mouths of Babes

At the park on Monday

Austin (another 3 year old) to J.Riley "Can you talk?"
J.Riley: " Yea, I can talk Spanish"
Austin: " I can too"
J.Riley: " Yea, but girls can't talk Spanish"

The other night J.Riley is standing in the shower..yes he likes to play in the shower.
He is standing with his legs spread apart.

J.Riley " Hey Mom look, I am stretching my butt."

At the picnic table while Playing or should I say eating playdough.
Mom: "J.Riley please do not eat the play dough."
J.Riley: " I am just smelling it Mom."
a few seconds later..while he is eating the play dough again!
Mom: " J.Riley does Mrs. Lisa let you eat play dough at school?"
J.Riley: "Yes, she doesn't get mad at me, but Tyler and Emily tell on me."

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