Tuesday, May 26, 2009

BIG kids!

OK, so we have had some major milestones in house over the past week or so. First milestone: Ava is now sleeping in a BIG bed! She slept in a twin bed at the beach and did great!! No transition issues at all! So when we returned we decided to just go ahead and take down the crib. Yes, that means we no longer have a crib in our house! She is doing great with it, doesn't get up, and seems very comfy! YAY for our big girl!

Second milestone: J.Riley got a bike with training wheels for his third birthday back in February. Well, he has been practicing, practicing and practicing some more and he has finally got it!!! Just in time for the summer! He loves riding around with the neighborhood kids and his ultimate favorite is to go out after it rains and ride through the puddles! We are so proud of him oh and he wants to know when Daddy is going to build him a "jump" to go off of??

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