Friday, October 9, 2009


Here I am catching up as usual...this seems to be a theme in my life!

I ended the summer with my annual girls trip. This is a trip that I look forward to every year. I have the 10 best college girlfriends ever! These girls mean so much to me. They are a part of me, they have helped make me who I am today. Each one of them has a significant place in my heart and I am so blessed to be reunited with them at least once a year.

This year 6 out of 9 of us were able to make the trip to Washington D.C. Shelley and Jennifer and I all drove in from Johnson City. Jenny flew from Nashville, Julie from Denver and Cristi from Atlanta. Meredith was home in Savannah awaiting the arrival of her first son Jackson! MaryBeth and Karen had family obligations this year. Speaking of babies on the ride there Jennifer let us in on her secret. She is pregnant with her second! Upon arrival we learned Jenny and Brock are expecting there first! SO EXCITING!! I love going through life with these girls!

Our trip consisted of Eating, shopping and a bit of site seeing. We went through the Holocaust Museum, toured the Capital Building, saw the White House and the Washington Monument. Let me just tell you that was enough of that! Back to the eating and shopping!! We ate at some fantastic restaurants but the hit was the Georgetown Cupcakery! We always try and find a cupcakery in whatever city we are in and this hands down was the best one yet!

We drank wine, sang at the piano bar, ended every day with our feet in the rooftop pool just catching up. These are times I treasure so much. I am so excited for everything that is ahead in life for these lovely ladies and I can't wait to do it again next year!

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