Friday, October 9, 2009

First Day of School 09

The first day of school this year was bitter sweet for me. J.Riley desperately needed to get back into a routine. He was ready for more stimulation then I was providing him and he really needed to be surrounded my other kids again. At the same time I was sending my sweet girl to preschool for the very first time. OH how I miss having her at home with me! Ava is one of the sweetest, eager to please, pleasant little girls I have ever had the privilege of spending time with. She is is so confident, so loving, so giving and so fun!

She walked into her classroom just like I knew she would and didn't look back. I asked her for a hug and a kiss which so quickly did as to say "mom, please!" not a tear was shed, (by her) not a whine, just a "bye bye Mommy".

I left with tears and asking myself "is she really ready?"

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