Friday, April 10, 2009

"A Day in the Life of"

Last night J.Riley had his spring performance at school. The theme was really cute. It was "A day in the life of" and they sang songs that they sing every week in school instead of learning something special for a show. J.Riley had a pretty huge audience. Mom, Dad, Ava Kate, Nona and Grampy, Nona and Great Grammy! Having Great Grammy there was really special. She got to see where he goes to school everyday and a little of what they do there! J.Riley is extra sensitive when Nona is around, he seems to just want to cling to her. So there were some tears shed on stage when he spotted her and could not get to her. Oh 3 year olds! Overall, he did a fantastic job! We are proud of you buddy!

Ava giving a good luck hug!
group shot
The grand finale
Mrs. Lisa's Five little Monkeys

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