Saturday, April 11, 2009


Well, I went back and fourth on weather or not we should die Easter eggs in the Long house. Ava is extremely allergic to eggs, and I just wasn't sure if we should take a chance. Well, J.Riley has been begging all week so I decided we would do it. So here are some pictures in between me keeping Ava alive and trying to keep the mess to a minimum. They had a great time! They are both are at such a fun age..I love doing these small cheesy things that they just think are the best things on earth. J.Riley has so curious about the Easter Bunny but also to our surprise wants to talk about the really meaning of Easter just as much. We have read the story of Jesus's resurrection several times this week and have been specifically talking about what it means to believe in God even though we can't see him. Try explaining that to a 3 year old who is constantly asking "WHY?"

mom: Jesus is in heaven
J.Riley: I want to go to heaven
Mom: If you belive jesus died on the cross for your sins then you will go to heaven
J.Riley: will you go with me mom?
Mom: Of course I will be there with you
J.Riley: Well Mom,.....How will we get home?

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