Friday, August 7, 2009

Dear Ava

Dear sweet Ava,

You are two years old! My baby is not a baby anymore! Your mommy and daddy have enjoyed watching you grow and change so much over the past two years!

Right now you seem to be a Daddy's girl. You squeal with delight when the garage door opens. When he leaves your sight you are asking "daddy go?". You want Daddy to rock you before bed and you tell Daddy " ready to eat." Yes this breaks my heart just a bit, but it is precious.

You are finally beginning to talk in phrases. And mommy was worried about your communication skills?? You are doing great. you say things like

"ready to eat"
"sorry mommy"
"I do it"
"you are recognizing some letters especially the letter A (hmm...anything to do with all your clothes being monogramed?)
"avery home?"
"help me"

You love music, you love to wear dresses and shoes (girly girl), you love for your brother to chase you around the loop, you love playing with other children especially Avery, you won't sit still for a tv show or a book. You love playing outside.

Some funny things you have done lately: You have started getting out of your bed at night and when mommy and daddy check on you at about 11, we have found you asleep in your rocking chair!
When mommy disciplines you you automatically say "sorry, mommy" about 3 times.

As if turning two is not enough, today we met your pre school teachers. You are starting school on Monday. You were so confident walking into your classroom, not interested in what I was doing at all. You were friendly to the other children right away. You are so ready to start school and mommy is almost ready to say "its going to be Ok."

I love you sweet girl. You will never know how complete you have made my life. I thank God for your sweet smile everyday. And..if you could just stop at two that would be great!



  1. This is precious. I always look forward to the updates. The recent "Ava Birthday" is a tearjerker. Do you know a way i can take the photo's and have them developed? I have tried saving as a jpeg and sending it to Kodak galary, walgreens and target sites for develping but i get a messeg back stating the rsolution is to low

    Keep them comming,
    Love Grampy

  2. Thanks for the comment dad!! No one ever leaves any! It made me day! I will work on the that I have some free time!