Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July! We had a very relaxing weekend. We started it off on Friday..Brent was off work! This is something we all look forward to! My Parents actually came up on Thursday night where we went to J.Riley's favorite restaurant in town call Bones. We had a nice relaxing evening. Dinner and then an evening stroll. The next morning we all got up to head out to the parade. Our little town has a huge fourth of July festival every year call Jonesborough Days. It is kind of nostalgic in alot of ways and is really kind of neat. The parade was a big hit with the kids and we roamed around the festival until about 2 o'clock. The kids always have such a good time with Nana and Grampy and always have a hard time adjusting when they leave. If only they lived down the street!! (we are still working on it!) My parents headed out later that afternoon. Later that night we stayed up late to watch the fireworks. We actually have a great view from our yard, so we put Ava to bed and just the three of us got to watch the beautiful show! Saturday was pretty low key and we ended the festivities with a GREAT BBQ at our friends the Whiljhems. Matt smoked the BBQ all day! It was yummy! We are so thankful for such great friends! Also, Thank you to all the men, women and families that sacrifice so much so that we can call ourselves a free country! THANK YOU! MAY GOD BLESS YOU!

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