Thursday, August 6, 2009

No Girls allowed!

Brent is in his glory! J.Riley is finally old enough to do some real "manly" things. Things that I will probably never agree to do! This past weekend Brent decided they were going to camp out in the backyard. They went shopping for all of the gear. Tent, sleeping bags, lantern and of course S'mores ingredients! They sent the tent up in the backyard and were ready to go! I snapped a few pictures before Ava and I were told "NO GIRLS ALLOWED!" J.Riley did great. He wasn't scared at all. They took a night walk and read lots of books by lantern before J.Riley finally fell asleep. At about 2am I heard the back door open. Now get wasn't J.Riley who wanted to the comfort of the indoors, but Daddy!! Brent was afraid of getting a little wet. ( it did end up raining a bit). He carried J.Riley to his bed without waking him. In the morning J.Riley did not even ask about not being outside. Finally Brent say "J.Riley what happened to sleeping in the tent?" J.Riley simply replied "I woke up and I was in my bed."

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