Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

The weekend was Extremely busy! Not the relaxing Mother's Day every mother wishes for. I am sure there are plenty of mom's that feel the same way! Yet it was very precious to me! My children awoke me with home made gifts and cards from school. J.Riley did such a good job keep everything a secret! Breakfast was fixed when I came downstairs, where they presented me with my very own lemon tree! I have been wanting to put some plants around the house, but have been reluctant to spend money on something I probably will end up killing. SO..we shall see how the lemon tree does! It blooms year round and will produce about 4 lemons every season!

Brent stayed in the Tri-cities to attend his family Mothers Day obligations and I drove to Knoxville with Ava. Dad grilled steaks and we munched on sushi all day. It was very relaxing and good time to spend with my own mom. I do have to say Ava was a little lost without her Brother. Very rarely are they separated for a whole day!

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