Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dear J.Riley

Whew...I am totally exhausted, but I figured I better blog before the day becomes a blur.

February 21, 2009

Where to start. You are growing up so fast right before our eyes. You talk, and run, potty, go to school, brush your teeth..all of this and plenty more on your own. Three years ago you came into this world and God choose us to be your parents and you to be our child. There were so many trying times at the beginning but for that one reason we kept going. I can't explain to you how much your mommy and daddy love you, you will one day understand. When you say "mommy I love you so much" or " Jesus is special" or "My family thinks I am special" All of these things make my heart jump and help me to understand the love of a child. You have taught us more in the last three years then I could have ever possibly imagined. You bring us so much joy, laughter, tears and moments where I think I could rip all my hair out but I would not trade you for anything. A gift of from God, the ultimate gift, trusting us to raise you while you are here with us so that you may serve our God to the best of your ability. You will fail, you will win, you will break up, you will love, you will do things you will not tell your mommy about, you will cheat, you will lie, you will succeed, you will fight for your sister, You will do something you are not proud of, you will dance, you will sing when you think no one is listening, whatever it is you are doing or you have done, we will always being praying for your heart. J.Riley, I have had so much fun watching you grow into a little boy, I am forever thankful for the gift of being your mom! I love you~Mommy


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