Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Trip to the dentist

I took J.Riley to the dentist for the first time on Monday morning. I cannot say enough about how great he did!! He sat up in the chair first, no problem. The hygienist was great at her job, she made him feel so comfortable. She showed him how everything worked before she used it, he choose chocolate mint toothpaste, and opened his mouth exactly the way he was suppose to! These are the times where I am like "who is this kid"? He amazed me! His teeth looked wonderful, no cavities!! 

Then it was my turn. I sat in the chair and He sat on top of me and watched Diego the entire time. He was so patient! Mommy on the other hand needs to do a little bit better job brushing! Two cavities?!?! I have never had one in my life!! Is this what children do to you?!

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