Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our week in a nutshell

I know it is not Friday yet, but I am going to go ahead and post this in fear that I may not have time tomorow.

Brent has been in West Virgina since Tuesday. So we have been on our own. This makes things very interesting. Although I have to say it was so much easier this time then the last time he was gone, which was quite a while ago.

Monday: J.Riley had a follow up appointment with Dr. Abdel (GI doctor). He has been off all medications for almost a month now!! We waited an hour and a half (with both kids) in the waiting room for the doctor to feel J.Riley's belly, ask me how J.Riley was doing and to take my 20$ co pay. Needless to day we are so thankful that our little boy is healthy again and hopefully we will not be visiting this office again!

We went to Dustan and Renee's house for dinner. This is Brent's brother and his wife. This is the very first time we were invited to their home. Renee cooked a roast with some veggies and the kids had fun visiting with all THREE dogs!

Tuesday: Ava had her 18 month appointment with Dr. Blackwell. Ava's stats are the following
Weight 20lbs..yes this is in the 5th %...I need to ask my mom to get out my charts..I mean are we really that SKINNY!?
Height: 34' which is the 97%....Brent and I spent the evening arguing what sport she was going to play.

She got only one shot because I am spacing them out..and everything else was great!
Tuesday night was Kindermusik with Ava. This is mommy and Ava time, I will post more about this another time.

Thursday: I had my monthly M2M meeting at church. Which I have grown to look forward to. This is a time for Moms of pre schoolers at our church to get together, enjoy a devotion and to listen to a guest speaker. 

J.Riley had his very first Valentines Day at school! Oh it was so cute! Here are some pictures.

The flowers he picked out for his teacher Mrs. Lisa who he adores!

Opening his treat bag from school!

Terrible picture I know. These are the bags of strawberry popcorn I made for his class.

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